Friday, June 17, 2011

is an eruption inevitable?

I sure hope not but sometimes I am overwhelmed with a feeling that all this love and compassion and forgiveness will evaporate and what will emerge will be a deluge of bad feelings - an eruption of anger and sadness that will choke me and leave me gasping for breath in some miserable reality.

But I don't believe that. It is fear talking. I look at him and I can feel truth and sincerity in his words and actions. I have always felt love but it was never pure. I sensed the secrets and the lies. I just didn't know what they were. I don't experience that anymore.

I believe he is sincere. Time, I suppose, and his actions toward me and with me, will heal my wounds and mistrust. Unfortunately it doesn't happen overnight. But it seems to be happening quickly.

I don't feel any volcanic rumblings in my gut. I don't feel any angry anguish in my heart.

I think (and I pray) that this will work out and I will be okay.

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